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We in Tutoring Services offer all sorts of information to students, staff and instructors. Feel free to browse our "toolbox"!

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Kahn AcademyThe internet is full of helpful websites. Some are free, and some are not — we prefer free, of course! Google words like "math tutoring" or "tutoring websites." If you find some good free sites, let us know!

Some of our favorite sites (produced by other people and organizations) are:

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Not just academics

MATC students: Get free healthcare!

MATC students, both part-time and full-time, no longer have to pay out of pocket for urgent (but non-emergency) health care. Students can receive treatment for illnesses and injuries such as the common cold, the flu, pink eye, allergies or sprains. Your student fees will be used to pay for visits. Care is offered at the Froedtert & Medical College of Wisconsin's FastCare clinics, including the new McKinley Health Center on 6th Street just north of MATC's campus.

Don't put off that dental care, either

Speaking of health care: Did you know that you can get an annual dental check-up at the MATC Dental Hygiene Clinic at the Downtown Milwaukee Campus for $40? The clinic is open to the public and students, children and adults.

Look as good as you feel

MATC's Barber and Cosmetology students at the Downtown Campus cut hair for free in the Edge of State salon — and provide many other hair and nail services for nominal fees. The schedule changes frequently, so be sure to call to confirm hours before coming downtown.

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