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Our purpose is to help you succeed academically. You choose which way is best for you!

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Is it In-Class or Embedded (tutoring)?

The biggest difference is that In-Class Tutoring is voluntary for both the instructor and the student, while Embedded Tutoring is required.

Feel free to check our comparison table!

opening quotes (American Sign Language tutor) Mayra has been amazing. If it wasn't for her, I would have been kicked out of my program. She's fun to work with and genuinely wants you to succeed. closing quotes
Mark, student

What is In-Class Tutoring?

In-Class Tutoring (ICT) is just what it sounds like: A tutor works in the classroom, during designated lab or collaboration time. ICT tutors have already successfully completed the course with good grades. They attend class and help students working on assignments during the lab or collaboration portion of class.

This type of tutoring has been used sparingly at MATC because the classroom is the instructor's domain. In fact, ICT doesn't happen in any course unless the instructor requests it, approves it, and is present during the ICT sessions. Classes must have hands-on lab or collaboration time for working on assignments.

The ICT tutor is most useful in helping students apply what the instructor teaches while doing assignments, which we call "guided practice." Being present in class gives the tutor full knowledge of the instructor’s lecture material, assignment expectations and teaching style.

Our most public example of ICT is in the Barber and Cosmetology (BARCOS) program. People who use the services of the student-staffed Edge of State salon at the Downtown Milwaukee campus get to watch tutors at work, helping BARCOS students apply the techniques taught in class. We also have used ICT in courses like American Sign Language and biology and in programs like Computer Gaming & Simulation and Cardiovascular Technology.

Participation is voluntary and open to all students in the course.

Instructors, fill out our Request for a Course Tutor form, visit Tutoring Services in C286 at the Downtown Milwaukee Campus or call 414-297-6791 to request a tutor for your course. You may also reach out to one of our Tutoring Services staff members

We may need you to recommend a student (or recent grad) as a potential tutor.

Learn more about In-Class Tutoring at MATC through our Frequently Asked Questions.


The office of Tutoring Services & Academic Support is open from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Thursday and from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Friday for Spring semester.