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opening quotes (Math tutor) Tom has an amazing approach, explaining math concepts in a way that really helped them make sense to me, and I don’t think I could have passed the course with an A without him. closing quotes 
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What is Embedded Tutoring?

Embedded Tutoring is tutoring that is required as part of a course, in the same way hands-on labs are required for many MATC courses. We offer two types here at MATC, Structured Learning Assistance and Enhanced Tutoring.

Structured Learning Assistance (SLA), also called Embedded Tutoring, is a form of tutoring in which the leader (or tutor) attends class with students. Then students come to mandatory tutoring sessions, led by the SLA leader, before or after class. Students who take courses with SLA typically get better grades and complete more courses than students who take the same courses without SLA.

SLA leaders are students or graduates who have excelled in college. They attend class lectures with their tutees so they know what the instructors teach and expect. During review sessions, leaders encourage students to collaboratively review notes, discuss readings, ask questions, do homework, develop study skills and prepare for exams. SLA leaders are a valuable help in applying what was taught in the classroom to assignments.

Students assigned to SLA sessions are required to attend tutoring, just like students taking science classes are required to put in lab time. Typically, a class that meets three or four hour a week will require two hours of SLA tutoring a week, through the entire semester.

Instructors, learn more Structured Learning Assistance at MATC through our Frequently Asked Questions.

Students, you can enroll in basic chemistry (NatSci 110) classes that offer SLA sessions via INFOnline. SLA may be offered in math and other courses, as well.


MATC recently began offering classes with built-in student support, called Enhanced Instruction. Enhanced courses feature a Learning Team consisting of a lead instructor, a support instructor and (usually) a tutor.

Each student in an Enhanced course, also called "co-requisite" courses, will work with faculty to create a Learner Success Plan (LSP). This plan is the student's personalized guide to successfully completing the class. During the semester, the student, both instructors, and the tutor follow the LSP, revising it as needed. 

The Enhanced model is primarily used with general-education math and English classes, or gateway courses. The courses are designed to save time, cost and frustration for students who might have otherwise been placed into a pre-college program. The Enhanced model is likely to be used in more and more advanced courses over time.

The main format (it may vary) for each course meeting is two hours of lecture with the lead instructor, which the tutor attends. The support instructor and tutor provide a two-hour support class that may take place in a computer lab separate from the classroom. The support class is required. 

Learning Team members meet outside of class to discuss the LSPs. The support faculty may schedule individual meetings with students for coaching in academic and (if desired) non-academic matters.

INFOnline search results for Enhanced Math (or CR) courses look like this:

Co-req math course on INFOnline

INFOnline search results for Enhanced English (or CR) courses look like this:

co-req English course in INFOnline

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Tutoring Services (in C201) is open from 7:45 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday through Thursday and from 7:45 a.m. to 4 p.m. Friday for fall semester.