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Instructors, please use the materials provided here to introduce your students to Tutoring Services.

Pathway liaisons

Feel free to contact one of our team members to discuss getting a tutor assigned to your class or to recommend a student to become a tutor. Please note that it usually takes two to three weeks to hire a new tutor.

If you do not see a person who matches your needs, please submit our Request for a Course Tutor form.

Business & Management

Community & Human Services

Chris Johnson,, 414-297-7698
support: Arlene Ruffalo (Accounting), West Allis ASC

Carrie Grulke,, 414-297-6828 
support: Robert Chorny (other programs), M273 Downtown

Carrie Grulke,, 414-297-6828  
support: Cindy Pawelski, M273 Downtown

Creative Arts, Design & Media


Chris Johnson,, 414-297-7698
C286 Downtown

Roger Plath,, 414-297-7950
support: TBD , M273 Downtown

General Education: liberal arts

General Education: math

Roger Plath,, 414-297-7950
support: Amy Weidig (Online Writing Lab),
and Patricia Glover-Howard (reading), 
and Sonja Pupovac (English), 
and Yare Matos Nieves (tutoring in Spanish), C258 Downtown

Chris Johnson,, 414-297-7698
support: David King (embedded maths), West Allis ASC,
and Ernesto Zavala (tutoring in Spanish), C271 Downtown,
and Sarah Helding (walk-in tutoring Downtown), C286 Downtown


Manufacturing, Construction & Transportation

Naomi Morris,, 414-297-8231
support: Rita Chesser (Nursing), Mequon ASC, 
and Vlad Opryshchenko (other programs), C271 Downtown

Carrie Grulke,, 414-297-6828 
support: Albana Kume-Robertson (South), Oak Creek ASC, 
and Xee Lor (Downtown, off-campus), M273 Downtown

STEM: science

STEM: technology & engineering

Naomi Morris,, 414-297-8231
support: TBD (A&P, bio sciences), 
and Greg Verdin (chemistry, phy sciences), C271 Downtown

Carrie Grulke,, 414-297-6828  
support: Kim VanVlaenderen, M273 Downtown


Mequon Campus exclusively

Oak Creek Campus exclusively

Naomi Morris,, 262-238-2494
support: Rita Chesser   
and Carlie Stigler (sciences at North), A282 

Carrie Grulke,, 414-297-6828  
support: Albana Kume-Robertson 
and Mary Pawlak (sciences at South), A208 

Online Campus exclusively

West Allis Campus exclusively

Chris Johnson,, 414-297-7698
C286 Downtown
Chris Johnson,, 414-297-7698
support: TBD, Room 249

Request our services

 This form is for instructors and staff. Students should check our Tutoring Schedules and use the related Finding a tutor form.

Recommend a student be a tutor

Instructors, we rely heavily on your recommendations to find student tutors.*

The student you recommend should have passed your course (or an equivalent) with a B or better. Graduates count!

We ask candidates to submit an Interest in Tutoring form. They can find more information on our employment page.

It usually takes two to three weeks to complete the hiring process.

* Please note that a recommendation is NOT a guarantee of employment for the student, as we consider several factors when hiring.

Bilingual tutors

We offer tutoring en español in matemáticas (math) and ciencias (sciences) in the Math & Science Center and in escritura (writing) in the Writing Center. We may be able to arrange tutoring en español — and in a few other languages — in different subjects, as well.

Faculty and staff, review our bilingual staff and tutors to see if we have what your students need. Students may have to contact our staff to make arrangements. 

Academic Support locations

Downtown Milwaukee Campus:

Tutoring Services (office), C286 | Computer Center, M273 | Math & Science Center, C271 | Writing Center, C258

Regional Campuses:

Mequon Campus, A282 | Oak Creek Campus, A208 | West Allis Campus, Room 249