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Milwaukee Campus Math & Science Center: Services

Welcome to the Math & Science Center at the Milwaukee Campus, located in C271

All hours are subject to change without notice; call 414-297-6989 to verify.

Math wizard

Ernesto Zavala

Ernesto Z.

(¡Yo hablo español!)

Contact info:

Math & Science Center, C271


Subjects in which I tutor:

  • algebra
  • basic arithmetic
  • basic calculus
  • technical math
  • trigonometry


El Centro de Matematicas, ubicado en el salón C271, ofrece ayuda con preguntas relacionadas en el area de matematicas. Si tu eres estudiante de MATC, hablas Español y necesitas ayuda para resolver problemas de Matematicas en tu idioma, puedes venir al centro y solicitar ayuda. La ayuda es gratuita!


  • No open drinks or eating allowed.
  • No children of any age allowed in the lab.
  • Be courteous to others! No loud talking or cell phone calls in the center.
  • MATC is not responsible for lost or stolen items.

Check us out!

opening quotes I enjoyed working with  (math tutors) Tim S. & David E. Both were very patient, pleasant and eager to help me understand my (math) class. closing quotes
Brigitte, student

Students are required to log in at the kiosks at the entrance of the lab before any tutoring sessions or computer use. Staff are able and willing to help students during the log in/out process.

Math services

The Math Center, in C271 at the Milwaukee Campus, is here to help with questions Math students have. You must be enrolled in MATC math courses. The services are free-of-charge and first-come, first-served — no appointment needed.

Math topics we cover include:

  • algebra
  • arithmetic
  • calculus
  • geometry
  • mathematical reasoning (MATH-134)
  • math for Healthcare and Business programs
  • statistics
  • technical math
  • trigonometry

The center also has visual aids, math books, DVDs and websites for students to study. We help with online math assignments and assignments through Blackboard, as well.

Get bilingual math assistance in Spanish.

Science services

Welcome to your Science Center, located in C271 at the Milwaukee Campus. We are a first-come, first-served, no-appointment center.

We assist well-prepared and motivated students to gain insight Into their lectures, handouts and book material.

We strengthen academic confidence in understanding and gaining science knowledge.

We are an integrated service working with Supplemental Instruction leaders and tutors to smooth out academic bumps in the science road.

We do not do homework, quizzes or tests.

We work with students in the following subjects:

  • anatomy & physiology
  • biochemistry
  • biology, microbiology
  • chemistry
  • economics
  • history
  • psychology
  • sociology
  • math for Healthcare

Science guru

Greg Verdin

Greg V.

Contact info:

Math & Science Center, C271


Subjects in which I tutor:

  • chemistry
  • economics
  • history
  • psychology
  • sociology
  • math for Nursing
  • metric/English science conversions

Science Sempai:

"I am an interactional scientist in the tradition of Dr. Linneaus. Science is not just in books but all around you!"

Touchable A&P models

Digital A&P models

Through MATC Libraries' Human Anatomy Database, you can explore 3-D Anatomy & Physiology models online. Interact with the digital models, rotating them and moving body parts.

Off-campus use requires a login with your name and student ID number.

Note: The digital models do take a while to load; please be patient. You can speed up the process by downloading a desktop viewer.

Academic Support locations

Downtown Milwaukee Campus:

Tutoring Services (office), C286 | Computer Center, M273 | Math & Science Center, C271 | Writing Center, C258

Regional Campuses:

Mequon Campus, A282 | Oak Creek Campus, A100D | West Allis Campus, Room 249