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MATC hires tutors on an ongoing basis, depending on the demand for tutoring by students.

How to become an MATC tutor

Tutoring Services is able to help our students because of the many talented tutors we hire. If you are qualified and would like to join our team of excellent tutors, including Supplemental Instruction leaders and Structured Learning Assistance leaders, read on.

First, learn more about the job of an MATC tutor through our Frequently Asked Questions, including information about certification as a tutor. Then ...

If you are an MATC student:

  • You may fill out an Interest in Tutoring form* to start the application process. Ensure you fill out the form completely and attach your transcripts, or your application will not be considered. To tutor a course, you need to have already passed it with a B or better.
  • Submit the form to staff at the campus where you would like to work.
  • Staff will send your information to the hiring manager in charge of your subject area.
  • If there is a position available, the hiring manager will ask you to fill out the full application, which includes a required instructor recommendation, and set up a formal interview.
  • You will only receive a phone call if a position is available. Please do not call us to check on the status of your application — we will let you know if there is an opening.

* Staff can provide a printed form, if you prefer.

If you are not an MATC student:

  • Fill out the online MATC application for the position you want. Options are:
    • Tutor-English-Writing,
    • Tutor-Health Science,*
    • Tutor-Math,
    • Tutor-Science,* and
    • Tutor-Various Subject Areas.
  • Tutoring Services staff will contact you if they wish to interview you.

* We distinguish between Heath Science and general Science. Please apply to the position that most closely matches your credentials.

If you prefer to volunteer: