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MATC hires tutors on an ongoing basis, depending on the demand for tutoring by students.

What is Tutor Certification?

A tutor who meets the requirements will be certified by MATC Tutoring Services and the College Reading & Learning Association (CRLA). The CRLA is an international association that certifies tutor‐training programs and is endorsed by the National Association for Developmental Education (NADE) and the American College Personnel Association (ACPA). MATC’s Tutoring Services department is certified by CRLA.

What are the benefits of Tutor Certification?

Your MATC‐CRLA certificates are milestones of excellence in your development as a tutor, giving credibility to your accomplishments. As you develop your tutoring skills as part of the certification process, your personal satisfaction gleaned from the job increases, and your tutees benefit from your continued development.

Certifications are transferable to other certifying colleges and universities. In other words, a Level 1 Certificate earned at MATC would be recognized at another CRLA school.

Finally, certifications give weight to your resume and gives you an opportunity to talk about your training and experience in job interviews. Employers look for collaborative employees who can train their peers, and certifications prove you can do so.

What are the levels of Certification?

  • Level 1: Certified Tutor
  • Level 2: Advanced Tutor
  • Level 3: Master Tutor

What are the requirements for Certification?

Each level requires 10+ hours of training and, depending on the type of tutoring, 25 to 50 qualified hours of tutoring experience. Tutors seeking the Master certificate are asked to put in extra hours writing reflection papers on assigned reading or viewing. A tutor is permitted to complete one level of certification per semester.

What training opportunities exist for tutors at MATC?

Tutoring Services offers mandatory two‐day training workshops in August and January, plus additional training for specialty tutors, mandatory online orientation for brand new tutors, optional monthly training events throughout the school year, and ongoing one-on-one coaching with Educational Assistants as needed. All training is paid.

New Tutor Orientation