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Don't give up!

If you were not be able to find a tutor using our Tutoring Schedules, we can help! Visit Tutoring Services in map C286 at the Downtown Milwaukee Campus or ...

Call  phone 414-297-6791.  Email  email  Submit a  form Request to Find a Tutor!

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We can't guarantee it, but we'll try to find the right tutor for you.

Encourage your classmates to submit requests, too!

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Request tutoring en español
and other languages

We offer tutoring en español in matemáticas (math) in the Math & Science Center. We may be able to arrange tutoring en español — and in a few other languages — in different subjects, as well.

Check our Tutoring Schedules to find tutors of Spanish as a foreign language.

Interested in bilingual tutoring?

We cannot guarantee it, but we will try to find the right tutor for you — please contact us one of these ways: