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Test Prep: Health Pre-Admission Tests: Health Pre-admission test

Use this guide to help prepare for the entrance exams for MATC's Nursing and Allied Health programs

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Which Entrance Exam do you Need to Take?

Which test are you going to need to take for entrance into your program?  Within the Healthcare Pathway at MATC there are different tests that are used for entrance into different programs: 



To find out which test you need to take, if any, please read the MATC healthcare webpage below: 

Testing at MATC - Register for your exam

Find out the dates and times tests can be taken at MATC, register for your test etc. 

Online Exam Preparation - Learning Express Library

Books, eBooks and Apps

Note: There are different HESI exams.  MATC uses the HESI LPN-ADN exam.  MATC does not use the HESI A2 (HESI Admission Assessment).

LPN (Licensed Practical Nurse) - ADN (Associate's Degree in Nursing) 

To study for the HESI LPN-ADN we recommend books that cover the NCLEX PN Exam.  


Healthcare Pathway Office Downtown:

Building H, Room H116

(414) 297-6263



Need access to Library resources?

The Library has resources available to help you prepare for your exam even if you are not currently enrolled in classes. If you need access to our books, please complete this form for access to our resources to help you prepare.

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Library Resources 

Please allow 48 hours for access to be granted. If you have further questions, please contact one of these Library staff:

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