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Test Prep: Health Pre-Admission Tests: After you've passed... Preparing for your classes

Use this guide to help prepare for the entrance exams for MATC's Nursing and Allied Health programs

Now that you've passed...

Prepare for classes!!!

The Health Occupations classes can be HARD!!! In order to keep up when you begin in classes, brush up on your reading comprehension, math skills and sciences, like A&P and chemistry. You won't be sorry!

Learning Express

Fundamentals of Medication Calculation

Consider signing up for the 1 credit Fundamentals of Medication Calculation class (NURSAD-161-500).

This one credit course introduces the learner to basic math strategies for calculating medication dosages. In a low anxiety setting the learner will review basic operations with decimals and fractions. Other topics include measurement systems and conversions and using ratio, proportion and formula methods for dosage calculations



Interactive Anatomy

A & P

Reading Efficiency and Speed