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Milwaukee Campus Computer Center: Home

Welcome to the Computer Center at the Milwaukee Campus, located in Room M273.

All hours are subject to change without notice; call 414-297-7922 to verify.

ASC specialist

Xee L.

Xee L.

(Kuv hais lus Hmoob!)

Adobe Creative Suite, MS Office Suite


To borrow supplies, simply ask the staff!

  • Staplers — electric and manual
  • Electric three-hole punch
  • Book stands
  • Paper clips
  • Pens, pencils, highlighters
  • Tape/glue stick
  • Whiteout
  • Headphones*

*Student Stormer ID is required for use of headphones.


  • No drinks or eating allowed.
  • No children of any age allowed in the lab.
  • Be courteous to others! No loud talking or cell phone calls in the center.
  • MATC is not responsible for lost or stolen items.

Check us out!

Students get comfortable studying in the Computer Center.
Welcome to the Computer Center in M273.
Comfortable furniture and warm lighting abound in M273.


Welcome!Students are required to log in at the kiosks at the entrance of the lab before any tutoring sessions or computer use. Staff are able and willing to help students during the login process.

The friendly staff of M273 Computer Center can help with:

  • Working with Microsoft Office and Google Suite software
  • Downloading assignments from and submitting them to Blackboard
  • Creating and saving documents
  • Formatting documents with Adobe, Microsoft and Google software tools
  • Inserting YouTube videos into Power Points
  • Printing, copying and scanning documents (faxing available in the Library)

You will need a student ID card to print. Each student's Stormer ID is loaded with $10.00 each semester for printing costs. Printing is 5 cents for black & white and 50 cents for color prints. Color copies can be created either by scanning them or printing from the computer. The printers use the Papercut printing system

We have 108 computers, including six Macs, three graphic-arts-double-screen with Windows 10, and ten single-screen computers with Windows 10. The majority of our computers have Windows 10. We have two computers that are reserved for wheelchair access.

Our software includes but is not limited to: Microsoft Office, AutoCAD, Quick Books, Peachtree Accounting, Dreamweaver, Photoshop and Adobe Reader.

Contact us


M273 (second floor, M Building)
downstairs from the Library

ASC staff

Cindy P

Cindy P.

Adobe Creative Suite, Apple computers

Kim V.

Kim V.

Microsoft Office, Windows computers
(tôi nói tiếng Việt)

Maimuna F.

Maimuna F.

English as a Second Language
(আমি বাংলায় কথা বলি
Āmi bānlāẏa kathā bali)

Robert C.

Robert C.

IT, Windows computers

Academic Support locations

Downtown Milwaukee Campus:

Tutoring Services (office), C286 | Computer Center, M273 | Math & Science Center, C271 | Writing Center, C258

Regional Campuses:

Mequon Campus, A282 | Oak Creek Campus, A100D | West Allis Campus, Room 249