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Printing Guide: Printing Guide

This guide is designed to explain printing procedures at the MATC Libraries.

Your Stormer Pass


PaperCut Printing Costs

Payment is deducted from your account when you swipe your ID card, at the printer.

5¢ for a single sided print/copy.

7¢ for a double sided print/copy.

25¢ for a color print/copy.

Add Funds to Your Stormer Pass

Two Ways to Add Funds
  • Anytime. Sign in to MATC E-Accounts. For printing, add funds to the Accounts; Account Summary; PaperCut Printing category. Your deposit is available the same day for transactions completed before 9:00 p.m.
  • While on any campus. Use the Account Management Centers (AMCs)/kiosks.
    • Mequon - Learning Commons - Room A282 - Cash only
    • Oak Creek
    • West Allis

PaperCut: Funds Balance, Jobs Pending Release, Cancel Jobs

PaperCut website - Sign in as you do for Blackboard.

  • Funds Balance: The default Summary page shows the balance in your account. (You can also check your balance via: MATC E-Accounts).
  • Jobs Pending Release: See the jobs you have pending release. Either select the "Print All" button to release all your print jobs, or click the arrow next to each job and select "print."
  • Cancel Jobs: Select the arrow next to a print, and then select "cancel job." Or just leave the print job there, without printing it, and it will disappear after about (8) hours. There is no cost for jobs that aren't actually printed or are cancelled. 


How To Print with Papercut

When you are ready to Print...

  • Click on File, then Print in the top left corner.
  • Click Print Preview, Page Settings, etc to review page formatting, and ensure your desired print options are selected, such as:
    • Printer: PaperCut Printing
    • Print: One Sided or Print on Both Sides
    • Print: Black/White or Color (when available)
  • Does the Preview look like you want? If so, click the Print button.


After you have submitted your job(s) to print, go to the printer, and swipe your Stormer Pass, in the Card Reader, just like a credit card. All jobs you have submitted to PaperCut will print automatically. And the printing cost will then be deducted from your account.


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