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Instructors, please use the materials provided here to introduce your students to Tutoring Services.


We in Tutoring Services offer all sorts of information to students, staff and instructors. Feel free to browse our "toolbox"!

Helpful links

KahnAcademy.orgThe internet is full of helpful websites. Some are free, and some are not — we prefer free, of course! Google words like "math tutoring" or "tutoring websites." If you find some good free sites, let us know!

Some of our favorite sites (produced by other people and organizations) are:

Academic Support Centers

Student Services

Tutoring and/or Academic Support are also available through:

Tools for employees


Tutors / tutoring staff


Not just academics

We try to keep up-to-date on services offered at MATC that are available to students and the public. For example, did you know that you can get an annual dental check-up at the MATC Dental Hygiene Clinic at the Downtown Milwaukee Campus for only $30?