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Mequon Campus Trees: White Fir


Abies Concolor

White Fir

described by Quinn Taylor







Description: Abies concolor is a green with a blue hue evergreen tree. It can live in zones 4-7 and is generally 40'-70' feet in height and 20'-30' in width. The needles are evergreen and have a slight citrus scent when crushed. This tree could be very useful for replacing Colorado blue spruce in a landscape setting and is generally accepting of soil conditions as long as it is in a location with good drainage. Cones will develop in fall and persist, though the tree may not produce cones until 40 years old. Does not tolerate salty soil.

Winter characteristics: Winter interest includes persistent needles that offer a nice blue-green color againt white snow. Somewhat fine needles that are soft and fragrant. Bark is smooth and grey but begins to furrow with age. Tree provides nice cover for birds in the winter and remains lovely throughout the season.

Spring characteristics: Spring Flowers are inconspicuous. Male pollen cones are red to purple, female flower cones are red and found in the upper part of the tree. Cones are pale green and mature to purple. Overall tree looks similar all year, but stunning.

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White Fir