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Mequon Campus Trees: Wate's Golden Virginia Pine


Pinus virginiana 'Wate's Golden'

Wate's Golden Virginia Pine

described by Andrej Buchko


      The on-campus specimen (May 16, 2019).       

        Close-up of a cone

.  Close-up of buds and foliage.




Description:   A unique evergreen, in the winter the slender, finely-textured turn a bright yellow that makes it a focal point of any landscape, adding great winter-interest to your yard.


Winter Characteristics:  Wate's Golden grows to about 35'-40' tall and 25'-30' wide and forms a broad, open pyramid. Both the twigs and barks have minimal interest as the foliage remains on the tree throughout the year.


Spring Characteristics: Wate's Golden does not have much to offer in terms of a spring bloom. The foliage begins to turn green and will remain so until the next fall. The cones however are persistent and can add a little more interest to the plant on top of the golden foliage.