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Mequon Campus Trees: Lacebark Pine


 Pinus bungeana

Lacebark Pine

described by Nami Morningstar


 Lacebark Pine form

Lacebark Pine bark



Lacebark Pine foliage


Lacebark Pine in Spring

Lacebark Pine bark in Spring



Description: A slow-growing tree the Lacebark Pine typically reaches 30-50 feet tall in as many years, and spread 20-35 feet. They grow best in moist well-drained soil, both acidic and alkaline, but have no tolerance for salt. Multi-stemmed its broad pyramidal form is best suited to large properties that have space to accommodate it.


Winter Characteristics:  Smooth patterned bark reminiscent of army camouflage shows clearly through long fine needles that on less dense individuals can appear almost as a green haze.