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Mequon Campus Trees: Paperbark Maple


 Acer griseum

Paperbark Maple

described by Nami Morningstar


 Young Paperbark Maple in the winter

The bark of Paperbark Maple





The winter buds of Paperbark Maple


Persistent samaras on winter Paperbark Maple


Spring foliage


Paperbark Maple in Spring



Description: Originally from China this small ornamental maple grows to 20-30 feet with a spread of 15-25 feet. Tolerant of clay and low in maintenance this tree fits well onto small lots and for those who like it provides year-round interest. Hardy from zone 4 to 8 it does well in both full sun and partial shade.


Winter Characteristics: Starkly bare but for small bunches of papery clinging samaras, the bark for which this tree is named is able to shine. Cinnamon brown it peels in delicate warps and curls.


Spring Characteristics: Not particularly impressive in the spring time the leaves of the Paperbark Maple emerge a pale reddish orange with small light green flowers.





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Paperbark Maple