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Mequon Campus Trees: Prairifire Crabapple


Malus x 'prairifire'

Prairifire Crabapple

described by Quinn Taylor


Prairifire Crabapple winter view April 28. 2019      Winter view                       Prairifire Crabapple form    Tree formPrairifire Crabapple flowers   Flowering



Prairifire crabapple trees are 20' x 20' in height and spread at maturity. This crabapple is upright and round, making it a popular statement tree in a landscape. Bright pink flower buds emerge in early spring making this a show-stopping tree very early in the season. Within a landscape they can draw the eye by their interesting color as well as being a generally hardy tree (zone 4).

Winter characteristics: During winter there are bright red persistent fruits, which are attractive. The bark of the tree has a slight red tinge to it which makes it appealing as well. The overall form of the tree is upright, rounded, and sprawling. I personally enjoy the form of the crabapple very much and appreciate the spreading branches. Twigs are slender and dark in color.

Spring characteristics: Spring (April-May in Wisconsin) are when the Prairifire crabapples are most beautiful and eye-catching. On slender twigs, bright pink flower buds emerge before foliage is open. After the pink-red flower buds open the trees are stunning and slightly fragrant. Soon, after, foliage emerges and is a lovely shade of purple which fades to a reddish green as the season goes on.




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Prairifire Crabapple