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Mequon Campus Trees: Purple Prince Crabapple


 Malus x ‘Purple Prince’

Purple Prince Crabapple

described by Stephanie bucio



Persistent fruit clusters


Spring foliage



Description: This is a zone 4, 20’ x 20’ rounded form, fragrant flowering tree. This crabapple tolerates a wide range of soil conditions and, and performs well on clay soils. This is a very common ornamental tree. Overall, this cultivar has good disease resistance to apple scab, fireblight, mildew, and cedar-apple rust.


Winter Characteristics: In the Winter, this tree has persistent , showy fruit clusters, and a nice form. Rounded, with a slight drooping on the ends, this crab apple looks appealing in the landscape without foliage.


Spring Characteristics:In the Spring, expect an emerging purple foliage and maroon-red flower buds. By the end of May, you can probably start seeing/ smelling those pretty fragrant blooms!





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Purple Prince Crabapple