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Mequon Campus Trees: European Larch


Larix decidua

 European Larch

described by Stephanie Bucio



Winter form



Winter interest


Spring form

European Larch spring cone



Spring emergence







Description: This large 60+ feet deciduous tree has a beautiful Pyramidal form. It is medium to fast growth. This larch is most easily differentiated by its’ cone which is oval and about 1” and the scales are straight, not curved back. These cones can be a brilliant purple when young, and are stunning to see! When planting this tree, please keep in mind it does not like hot, dry environments and is not tolerant of shade.


Winter Characteristics: Current years twig is light brown. Has persistent cones and cute little spurs on older wood.


Spring Characteristics: Interesting young purple/pinkish cones. Soft green needles emerging from spurs.





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European Larch