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Jenn Medved

Campus Librarian: Oak Creek & GENST Instructor
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Jenn Medved
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Favorite Sports Team

The first full phrase I learned how to say was "Go, Pack, Go!". Years later, I'm a stockholder, so watching games with other stock-holding family members are affectionately called 'owner meetings' these days.

Favorite Book

The Silmarillion by J.R.R. Tolkien: It's fiction that reads like a history book, focusing on the Elves of Middle-earth.


I have a small menagerie, but those who have been on virtual meetings when I work from home have probably heard Felix, the very tiny parrot. Felix is the size of a budgie, and is dexterous enough to let himself in and out of his cage. He likes to sit on my desk lamp while I work and punch holes in post-it notes with his beak.

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My Subject Specialties

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