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Academic Support: Overview

Our purpose is to help you succeed academically. You choose which of the Academic Support Centers (computer labs) is best for you.

Hours are subject to change without notice; call ahead to verify.


Downtown Milwaukee:

Computer Center in M273 Downtown

Math & Science Center in C271 Downtown

Writing Center in C258 Downtown

Regional campuses:

Mequon Academic Support Center in A282

Oak Creek Academic Support Center in A100 D&E

West Allis Academic Support Center in Room 249


  • No drinks or eating allowed.
  • No children of any age allowed in the lab.
  • Be courteous to others! No loud talking or cell phone calls in the center.
  • MATC is not responsible for lost or stolen items.

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Math & Science Center, C271

Downtown Milwaukee Campus

Computer Center, M273

Downtown Milwaukee Campus

Math & Science Center, C271

Downtown Milwaukee Campus

Writing Center, C258

Writing Center, C258

Downtown Milwaukee Campus

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What you need to know

Stormer Pass

The Academic Support Centers offer free computers and Internet, plus pay-for-print printers, for students to use in completing homework on campus. Most are closed during breaks between semesters.

A current MATC Stormer Pass ID card is needed for printing and entry into the lab. Active student Stormer Pass ID cards are loaded with limited funds for printing at the start of each semester. Students can add funds throughout the semester. The printers use the Papercut printing system

The Centers at Mequon, Oak Creek and West Allis offer tutoring in a wide range of subjects, and staff at those campuses may administer tests for students at the request of the instructor. For tutoring at Milwaukee, visit Tutoring Services & Academic Support; test monitoring in Milwaukee takes place in Testing Services in M428, 414-297-6233.

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Academic Support locations

Downtown Milwaukee Campus:

Tutoring Services (office), C286 | Computer Center, M273 | Math & Science Center, C271 | Writing Center, C258

Regional Campuses:

Mequon Campus, A282 | Oak Creek Campus, A100 D&E | West Allis Campus, Room 249