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Instructors, please use the materials provided here to introduce your students to Tutoring Services.

Welcome, instructors!

We're here to help you succeed, too!

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Tutoring Services exists to help MATC students succeed academically through specialized support. Free services for college students include: 

For tutoring times and locations, search our online Tutoring Schedules or call 414-297-6791.

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Tutoring Services exists to help MATC students succeed academically through specialized support. Free services for college students include:

  • Walk-in Tutoring, available in the Academic Support Centers;
  • Supplemental Instruction, tutoring in groups that meet several times per week, with optional attendance;
  • Structured Learning Assistance, which is tutoring required for some gateway courses;
  • NetTutor, which is online tutoring available 24/7/365; and
  • the Online Writing Lab (OWL), which helps students with writing for any class or subject.

For tutoring schedules and locations, Google "MATC Tutoring" or call 414-297-6791.

Handouts for students

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Tutoring Services offers Walk-in Tutoring, Supplemental Instruction and Online Tutoring.

What's happening?

Recommend a student be a tutor

Instructors, we rely heavily on your recommendations to find student tutors. In fact, we require potential hires to get an instructor recommendation.*

You can proactively fill out the recommendation form and give it to a student to bring to C201 Downtown, or to the Academic Support Center at the other campuses. The student should have passed your course (or an equivalent) with a B or better.

We also require students to fill out and turn in an Interest in Tutoring form. Students can find more information on our employment page.

* Please note that your recommendation is NOT a guarantee of employment for the student, as we consider several factors when hiring.

Instructor Recommendation form

Want In-Class Tutoring?

Want In-Class Tutoring?

Getting the Edge on College

Learn more about our Winning Ways Workshops on Request for students!

We offer two series of 25-minute workshops for the classroom: Academic Skills Workshops, which focus on the skills needed to be successful in any class (and in life), and Writing Skills Workshops, which focus on the skills needed to write well (in any class). There is even a workshop about NetTutor!

We give tours!

Instructors, we will gladly walk students through our facilities. Tours start at the Tutoring Services office in C201 on the Milwaukee Campus. We show students where of the Academic Support Centers are located, explaining each lab's specialty.

Call us at 414-297-6791 to arrange a time.

Join our Scavenger Hunt

If you don't have time for a tour, please consider asking students to find us on their own. We spell out the Scavenger Hunt rules and rewards in our flyer. If you like them as is, feel free to print the PDF for your students. If you prefer to change, say, the rewards (10 extra credit points), feel free to download the Word doc and make your changes before sharing with students.

Tutoring Services' Scavenger Hunt flyer

Word docTutoring Services' Scavenger Hunt flyer