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Library Policies

This guide provides information about the policies of the library.

About Reserve Desk Items

The MATC Library provides reserve desk services to give faculty a way to temporarily share limited resources with students in their courses.

Please review the Reserve Desk Policy and the Copyright guide before completing the Reserve Request Form.

Faculty/Staff Reserve Desk Policy

  • Library space for reserve material is limited.
  • Reserve materials are processed on a semester basis and must be renewed at semester's end or the following semester.  Library owned items may be placed on reserve as Room Use Only, for a (3)-week time period to assist students with a given assignment. There is a (5) item maximum for library owned items placed on reserve.
  • Reserve materials not owned by the library will be returned to the owner at the end of the semester unless other arrangements are made.  If, at the end of the reserve period, you will no longer use the reserve item, please consider donating it to the library.  All donated items become the property of MATC Libraries and will be used in accordance to library policies and procedures.  For questions regarding donations, please see the Donations Policy.
  • Please place only those items that are assigned in the library.  We recommend one (1) copy of an item, set, or volume per twenty (20) students, depending on the amount of reading assigned.
  • All reserve material will be cataloged onto the library's online catalog where Reserve Desk items can be searched and referenced by course name or by instructor/department name.
  • Circulation options for reserve materials are: room use, overnight, three (3) days, and one (1) week.  Reserve material that is part of a set, volume, or series that consist of 6 or more items, circulates up to two (2) items at a time.
  • Reserve items are permitted one renewal.
  • Students must pick up and return reserve items to the lending campus.
  • Reserve items returned late will be subject to charges in accordance with the library fee policy.


We are happy to place material on reserve that instructors want students to use, however we suggest that you do not place monetary or sentimental valuables in the library.  We can not be responsible for items that are not returned.  The library charges replacement costs (or a flat fee of $35.00, if not found) for items not returned or lost.  If the value of the reserve material exceeds the recoverable amount, you may want to consider an alternative course of action.


  • It is the responsibility of the instructor to comply with all copyright laws of the United States (Title 17, United States Code) when submitting materials to the library's reserve desk.
  • All items that warrant copyright clearance should be accompanied by documentation that grants permission of use of material and that such is in compliance with U.S. Copyright laws.
  • Some material may fall under fair use guidelines.  Please use the fair use evaluator below to determine if your items can be submitted under these conditions.


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