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Library Policies

This guide provides information about the policies of the library.

Library Computer Use

Milwaukee Area Technical College Library's computers are designated as a resource for College and study-related research, and these activities have first priority. The Library reserves the right to reclaim workstations being used for personal or recreational purposes and to reassign them to patrons to access research materials or complete coursework.

The computers in the library are for use by MATC students, faculty, and staff but non-MATC individuals may be authorized to use the computers by the library staff. Non-MATC individuals are limited to the following tasks: Job seeking activities (such as writing a resume or searching for jobs), registering for classes, and applying for financial aid. Non-MATC individuals must present a currently valid photo identification card to the library staff and must sign into the logbook.

Although not an inclusive list, the following are not allowed at any of the Library computers:

  1. Display or download of obscene, pornographic, or harassing images.
  2. Disruption or interference with the College's network, services or equipment.
  3. Creation, transmission, or receipt of material in violation of federal or state laws or regulations, such as those governing copyright, illegal drugs, or child pornography.
  4. Any other violations of the Responsible use of Information Technology Resources or the Student Code of Conduct.

In the event someone becomes disruptive or creates a problem in any way, Library staff is authorized to call MATC Public Safety for assistance.


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