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Stacy Mose

Reference Librarian
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Stacy Mose
MATC Mequon Campus Library
Room A282
5555 W Highland Rd
Mequon, WI 53092-1143
Favorite Place on Campus - The expansive, natural outside of the Mequon Campus is lovely. It looks good. Trees and green. Sounds good. Soothing splashes of the steady flow of water in the pond. Smells good. Pine trees. A bit of nature in my day. And sometimes at noon, melodic chiming bells ring out!

Favorite animal - Well. That would be a bunny rabbit. Specifically a three pound pure black bunny that has free range of my house. Fluff hops along, exploring, jumping, nibbling on toys and hay. She feels of velvet. She can be highly disapproving of humans, and lets us know when she wants to be petted, and when she wants to be left alone. I appreciate an independent female!

Favorite Place in Wisconsin - County Parks and Forests, as well as State Natural Areas. Tucked away treasures. Overlooked and hidden gems. Not often as crowded as state or national parks. Go hiking!

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