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ebooks & audiobooks: Downloading EBSCO ebooks to a mobile device

This guide will assist users in finding and downloading ebooks from the MATC Library.

You will need...

An ebook app like Adobe Digital Editions (Install on your Apple, Android or Kindle Fire device)

An Adobe ID. Get an Adobe ID if you don't have one.

Your MATC Gmail address and password, or an EBSCO account


Downloading EBSCO eBooks to Your Mobile Device - Tutorial

Step 1: Install ebook Reader App on your device

Download the Adobe Digital Editions App from your device's app store:

Step 2: Authorize It

  • Open the Adobe Digital Editions app on your device.
  • Click on the hamburger menu ( hamburger menu ) in the upper left > Settings > Authorize 


  • And then enter your Adobe ID. If you don't have one, click on Create Adobe ID.

Screenshot: enter Adobe ID

Step 3: Find and Download ebook

screenshot of download buttonFrom your device, go to the library's website at, and find the ebook you want to download. Click on the Full Download button. 
screenshot: login for full access.
If you are off-campus, you will be prompted to Login for full access.
student sign in off-campus screenshot
Then you will be prompted to enter your MATC email address and password.



Then click on Sign In / Create Account.


Screenshot: sign in with google





Click on "Sign in with Google" and follow the prompts. If you already have an account with ebsco, you can use this to login.







If you see the message Sorry, this eBook is in use, all the copies are checked out, or all the licenses are in use.

You can try again later when the ebook is not being used, or put a hold on it to download it when it's returned. Sign in/Create Account to put a hold on it. You'll get an email notification when it's ready to download.


ebook download details screenshot




If the book is available, the download screen will appear. Choose the download format if given an option (both not always available). Choose PDF if you will be citing it and want fixed page numbers, or EPUB if using a mobile device. The EPUB version is optimized for viewing on devices, and automatically resizes to fit your screen.

Then check the box to confirm that Adobe Digital Editions or another app is installed and Full Download.



pop-up screenshot
You may get a pop-up. If so, click Allow.
Note: Allow pop-ups in the settings for the Safari web browser because the file opens in a new tab before opening in the app.
click download screenshotAt the bottom of your screen, select download
screenshot of Open in
then "Open in" and scroll until you find the Adobe Digital Editions app

Step 4: Reading the ebook

screenshot viewing in Adobe Digital EditionsWhen reading an ebook, tap in the middle of the text to bring up the top menu and the options at the bottom, which allow you to change brightness settings, text size and search within the ebook.

Tap again to to hide the menus.

Choose the hamburger menu ( hamburger menu ) to navigate to other parts of the book. "Library" will take you out of the ebook and back home.