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This guide will assist users in finding and downloading ebooks from the MATC Library.

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How to read an MATC EBSCO ebook

Once you find an ebook (icon will show as "e" or "eBook"), click on the title to go right into the book.

screenshot: click on title of ebook

If you are off-campus, you will first need to log in to prove you are an MATC student, so log in with your school Gmail address and password (same as Blackboard password).

screenshot: log in for full access

And one more time...

screenshot: sign in with your MATC email address and password


The toolbar across the top has links for saving, emailing, printing, and citing. Click the    horizontal ellipsis link to see more options and to save to a Google Drive.

On a mobile device, click the  Tools menu to see these options. 

screenshot of ebook record

Note that the Publisher determines permission rights and will show the number of pages you can copy, print, or email, and how many copies of the book are available to use at one time.

On a mobile device, click the   more options menu to see the publisher permissions. 


  • Many of our books have unlimited user access which means an unlimited number of users can view the book at the same time, and an unlimited number of pages can be copied.  
  • If there are only a few copies available, so there is a limited number of users, you can download, (or check out the ebook) so that you can guarantee that you will have access to it -- or download it to read offline on a mobile device. 
  • If you can't access the book, all the licenses may be in use, or all copies are checked out. You can try again later when the book is not being used, or you can put a hold on it, if you want to download/check out the book once it is returned.


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