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ebooks & audiobooks: Downloading ebooks from EBSCO

This guide will assist users in finding and downloading ebooks from the MATC Library.

Steps to download an ebook

If you want to download (or check out) an ebook, to a computer or a digital device, these are the steps you will follow. You can check out an ebook for a period of (14) days.

Download/check out the ebook

Sign into an EBSCOhost account

Install software or app to view on your device

Step 1 : Download the ebook

Once you find the ebook that you want to check out, click on the "Download This eBook" link.

You can download an ebook and view it on another device, for (14) days. Once the check out period is over, the ebook will automatically expire. The downloaded ebook can still be found in Adobe Digital editions, but you will no longer be able to open it. You can manually delete the file to remove it, by clicking on the arrow next to the title and choosing "delete" from the drop-down menu.     


If an item is already checked out you will get the following message. You can sign in with your EBSCO account information to put a hold on this book, so that you are the next person in line to check it out.

Step 2 : Create an EBSCOhost account

The first time you download a book, you will be prompted to create an EBSCO account. If you have an account already, just sign in, if not, click on "Create a new Account."

this screen will appear and you can either sign in or create a new account

once you sign in, you will be able to download the book. Note the Checkout Period is (14) days. Click on Checkout & Download.

you will receive a notice that your download was successful and you can click on the View Your Checkouts Folder to see your downloaded book.


Step 3 : Install software or app to view on your device

  • Computer or ereader (such as Nook, Kobo, or Sony readers): You will need to install Adobe Digital Editions (which is free), if you want to read a checked out book offline, (which means not connected to a wireless network or Internet).
  • Android or Apple device: You can install the EBSCO app to view on an android or Apple device. Just search for "EBSCO eBooks" in Google Play or iTunes or the App Store. 
  • Apple device: To use on an Apple device (including a Kindle Fire), you can also install the Bluefire reading app which is available in the App Store. This will also require an Apple ID. Once you have installed Bluefire, to get an ebook on your Apple device, first go into Safari and sign into your EBSCO account. Then click on the Download link, and you will be prompted to open in the Bluefire Reader.