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Tutoring Services: Become a Tutor: FAQ

MATC hires tutors on an ongoing basis, depending on the demand for tutoring by students.

Frequently Asked Questions: Becoming a Tutor

What is a Tutor?

A tutor is a caring person who helps students learn how to study and thereby improve their grades.

What qualifications do I need?

As a student, you need a cumulative GPA of at least 2.50, a B or better grade in the course in which you want to tutor, and a recommendation from a teacher of the course.

Do I have to be a student at MATC?

Not necessarily, but we give preference to hiring MATC students as tutors.

How many hours can I work as a tutor?

You can work from two to 19 hours a week, according to your schedule and the need for your services.

Which courses need tutors?

Any course offered at MATC may have tutors, as long as there are students who want tutoring in that course.

Are there courses that have a BIG demand for tutors?

YES! Most Math and Science courses (especially Anatomy & Physiology and Chemistry), Accounting, American Sign Language, and computer courses have high demand for tutors.

Is there training?

Yes. MATC offers paid training before each semester. We also offer ongoing training and individual coaching throughout the semester.

Will this help my career?

YES! In many jobs, it is a huge advantage to have “tutor” on your resume. The ability to educate others is an important job skill in today’s knowledge-based job market.

What about certification?

With training and experience, you can earn College Reading & Learning Association (CRLA) certification through MATC Tutoring Services. The certificates you earn are a testimony to your accomplishments as a tutor. They not only make your resume stand out, but they also can help you receive promotions during your career.

What if I transfer to another college?

Your MATC-CRLA certification is transferrable! If your next college is certified by CRLA, they will honor your certification.

Are there promotions at MATC Tutoring Services?

Yes! Many of our tutors have been promoted to become Structured Learning Assistance leaders and Academic Support Center assistants.

How much do tutors get paid?

Starting Fall 2016, tutors earn $12 per hour without a degree or $14 per hour with a college degree. Federal Work Study aid may be applied to this job.

How do I sign up?

Stop in to pick up an application at the Tutoring Services office in C201 at the MATC Downtown Campus or at the campus at which you want to work.

Where can I get more information?

For more information, visit or call these locations:

  • Downtown Campus: Tutoring Services, C201, 414-297-6791
  • Mequon Campus: Academic Support Center, A282, 262-238-2220
  • Oak Creek Campus: Academic Support Center, A208, 414-571-4647
  • West Allis Campus: Academic Support Center, 249, 414-456-5334