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This guide will provide the different options you have when looking for a texbook.

Q: Does the MATC Library have my textbook?

A: Maybe...but not always...

  • The Library typically does not purchase textbooks.
  • If you want to purchase a textbook, you can do that at the MATC bookstore.
  • We MIGHT have an older edition of the book that has been donated. Sometimes an older edition will work until you can purchase your textbook. Ask your instructor to make sure.
  • Sometimes your instructor will put a copy of the textbook on Reserve.   

MATC Bookstore

You can purchase your textbooks at the MATC bookstore.

Purchase or Sell a Used Textbook

The Office of Student Life posts used textbooks for sale by students.

Search Course Reserves

Sometimes an instructor will put a book on course reserve in the library, so that they can share a copy of the textbook with students in their class. The instructor determines the loan period. Oftentimes textbooks are Library Use Only, so you can use the book in the Library or photocopy pages from it, using your Student ID. 

If your instructor does NOT have a book on reserve, you can ask them if they can get an extra copy to put on reserve in the Library.  

Textbook Websites

The following websites sell/rent textbooks. This list is not comprehensive, but rather suggestions to get you started if you are having problems locating your textbook. These are independent sites and are not affiliated with MATC.

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