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This guide will provide the different options you have when looking for a textbook.

  • Sometimes there is a copy of the textbook on Reserve in the Library.
  • We MIGHT have a donated, older edition available for check out. Ask your instructor to make sure an older edition will work.  
  • You can purchase a textbook at the MATC bookstore.


Textbooks on Reserve

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  • Reserves are textbooks and/or course-related materials made available to students in the MATC library.
  • They are located at the front desk at each campus library.
  • You can check out Reserve items with your Student ID.
  • Check out periods vary, but most items are Library Use Only, so you can use them in the Library, photocopy pages using your Student ID, or take pictures of pages with your phone.
  • Reserve items can't be put on hold or requested to send to another campus library.
  • If your instructor does NOT have a textbook on reserve, you can ask them if they can get an extra copy to put on reserve in the Library, or let us know and we can contact your instructor.

Searching for Reserve Textbooks

See below for a search box and tips on how to search for Reserve Textbooks. If you want more information and examples, see our How to Find Textbooks on Reserve guide.

Search All Library Materials with One Search


MATC Bookstore

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You can purchase your textbooks online or in person at the MATC bookstore. Click on the locations tab for the hours & phone numbers for each campus Bookstore.

Or email the Bookstore with questions >>

Textbook Websites

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The following websites sell/rent textbooks. This list is not comprehensive, but rather suggestions to get you started if you are having problems locating your textbook. These are independent sites and are not affiliated with MATC.