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Searching for ebooks: Home

There are several ways to search for ebooks:

Method 1: Do a search in One Search and filter by ebooks source type

On the Library's website at, type your search terms in the One Search box and then click the "Find it!" button.

Screenshot of the One Search box

Now limit to just ebooks by going to the "Filter by Source type" box, on the left-sidebar, and clicking on "Show More"

Screenshot of Filter by Source type

and then check the box next to "ebooks" and click "Update" button.

Screenshot of Show More source types and ebook checkbox

Your search results now will only include ebooks.

Try it out! Search for ebooks using Method 1 here

Search All Library Materials with One Search


Method 2

You can also click on the "Ebooks & Audiobooks" tab

Screenshot of the Ebooks & Audiobooks tab

On this tab, there is a box to search for ebooks, links to browse the ebook collections, and  a link to the ebook guide, as well as links to Audibooks. 

Try it out! Search for ebooks using Method 2 here

Search ebooks


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