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Dear Faculty Colleagues,

Welcome back! We hope you and yours are well and that each of you had a relaxing and rejuvenating summer after one of the most challenging academic years of our careers. The Center for Teaching Excellence (CTE) recognizes all that you have done for our students and will continue to do. Together we will tackle a “new normal” that remains undefined; the CTE is here to support you as you continue to support our students. 

CTE will begin our regular biweekly email distribution of newsletters on September 8th.  Because communication is especially important during transitions such as these, we are sending a brief update for Fall 2021 Employee Appreciation and Coordination Days. 

Please read here the important information on:

  • The CTE Communication Coordinator transition
  • CTE staffing and hours
  • Printing and Copying Services
  • MATC Copyright Policy and Guidelines
  • New look for FQAS
  • Fall ZERD course availability

Self-Service and EAB Navigate

Submitting Retention Concerns in EAB Navigate

Faculty and staff may Issue Alerts through the new EAB Navigate platform.

What is EAB Navigate?  It is a technology that links administrators, advisors, deans, faculty, other staff and students in a Coordinated Care Network 

The Navigate platform allows for improved communication and connection between departments AND the student app provides ease of connection to various campus departments. 

What happened to Retention Alert?  The Self-Service function called Retention Alert will be discontinued at the end of this academic term in December. If an alert is entered through Retention Alert this semester, Retention Coaches will still respond to any alerts entered. EAB Navigate is the PREFERRED approach.

**Do not use EAB Navigate to issue an Alert for any emergency or critical needs that should go directly to the Licensed Professional Counselors (LPCs) or Public Safety. MATC webpage - Speak Up for Safety Please contact the LPCs directly for any mental health concerns at

To see instructions on how to submit a retention alert in EAB navigate please see this document. 

Changes to Attendance Reporting Requirements and Withdrawal Policy

From a message from the Vice President of Learning Dr. Mohammad Dakwar:

"Beginning this fall, faculty will no longer withdraw students from classes. Withdrawals will be completed by the following:

1.  Administrative Withdrawal: Students will be withdrawn by Enrollment Services for non-attendance during the first two weeks of class following the start date.

2. Student Initiated withdrawal in Self Service: Students can withdraw via Self-Service. Students remaining in courses after the census date (administrative withdrawal period) but no longer attending will receive the grade they earned in the course if they do not withdraw themselves. The last day for a student to withdraw from a 12-, 15-, or 16-week course is two weeks prior to the end of the semester. The last day for a student to withdraw from a 8-week course is one week before the end of the course. Students who wish to withdraw within the last two weeks of the semester or last week of the course must obtain signatures of the Instructor of the course and the Pathway Dean."

To see an updated policies or to watch a video on recording attendance in Self-Service, please visit the Lead faculty resources page

Classroom Behavior

What is the process if a faculty member believes a student needs to be removed from a classroom? 

Faculty Ready References: Classroom Disturbances

Student Code of Conduct

Stormer Connect faculty mentoring

Because faculty play a key role in student engagement, retention and satisfaction, a new program called Stormer Connect Faculty Mentoring will be available to students this fall.  With this in mind, faculty will have an opportunity to serve as a mentor should they be approached by a student. This is an exciting opportunity for students to take initiative, to select a faculty mentor and engage in meaningful conversations with a mentor. 

All full-time faculty are designated as mentors and part-time faculty can choose to mentor as well.  Faculty can designate their availability using the feature in EAB Navigate.  Next steps, faculty will complete the Stormer Connect Faculty Mentoring Sum Total Training.  For more information please visit Stormer Connect Faculty Mentoring webpage.

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