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Copyright: FAQs


Q:    Can I put a copy of a journal article on e-reserve for my course? 

A:    Copies of articles are not allowed because e-reserves must be created from original licensed copies of the works.


Q:    Can I post a link in Blackboard to a PDF article in the library database?

A:    Yes, the library has purchased rights to use the works in the databases.


Q: Once I receive permission to use copyrighted material for my course, can I continue to use the materials in subsequent semesters? 

A: Permission is granted on semester basis and would be needed each semester the material is used.


Q: Does fair use mean I shouldn’t be concerned about copyright as long as I am using materials for teaching purposes? 

A: What qualifies as fair use depends on many conditions.  Use the fair use evaluator at


Q: What is public domain? 

A: Works in the public domain are free and do not have copyright restrictions.


Q: Can the bindery rebound/reprint books that are out of print? 

A: No.  Books that are out-of-print may still be protected by copyright.


Q: May I show a video I purchased from Amazon in my class?

A: Possession does not confer the right to show the video.  It may be considered fair use when used in the classroom, otherwise try Films on Demand.


Q: Is it okay to copy an image from a website if there is no copyright statement? 

A: No, assume it is copyrighted and seek permission, or use images that are in the public domain. See our guide, "How to Find Free Image Sources" for more information.


Q: How are royalties paid for the materials I want to use? 

A: Check with your academic school/dean.


Q: How do I seek permission to use a film? 

A: Contact the Motion Picture Licensing Corporation