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Company Research

This guide provides a starting point for finding information about companies for competitive analyses and identifying business opportunities.

Company Research Tips

Two Steps to Researching a Company

1. Find out what the company says

Read the company's financial statements and annual reports, which are usually located on the company's website

2. Find out what others say

Read news articles, investment reports and other secondary sources to fill in the gaps

A few tips...

Try different variations of the company name

The company you are researching may have different spelling or abbreviations. In some cases you may have to use a company's ticker symbol (stock exchange) to find information.

Is the company public or private?

It is usually easier to find information on public companies since they have to provide information to the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and investors. If you are having difficulty locating information on a private company, check local news in the area the company is headquartered and visit the company's web page for useful information.

Check the news

Companies small and large tend to be covered by the news. You will likely find information on large companies via national news outlets and information on smaller companies via local news outlets.

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