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Library Workshops

Descriptions of the library workshops and instructional sessions, plus easy access to sign up to attend sessions.

Library Resources Workshop Descriptions

Library Workshops are introductions to specific resources, and mainly cover digital options.  These sessions are shorter than Academic Research sessions; students and employees are all welcome to attend these sessions.


Early Childhood Education Resources (45 minutes)

Whether you are studying for a career in Early Childhood Education or find yourself supplementing instruction at home for young learners, this session will cover the access you have to resources both in the libraries and digitally.  Resources covered: Family Literacy Centers; Ed.Flicks; Flipster; Teaching Books

Films, Flipster, and Fun (30 minutes)

Academic Research is our specialty, but taking time out of your busy schedule to relax is an important part of selfcare. Learn about streaming videos, full-content digital magazines, and game-based language learning available through the library.  Resources covered: Films on Demand Feature Films; Swank Digital; Flipster; Mango Languages

Food & Nutrition (30 minutes)

Whether you’re in a culinary program, have an interest in healthy eating, or are looking to try new recipes, this session will introduce you to related offerings at the MATC Libraries. Resources covered: AtoZ Food America & World Food; Consumer Health Complete; Flipster

Interactive A&P (45 minutes)

Studying Anatomy & Physiology can be time consuming, but learning with library tools can provide you with an engaging experience.  Resources covered: Human Anatomy; Draw it to Know it; Board Vitals

Standardized Test Prep (30 minutes)

GED. HESI. NCLEX. TOEFL. ILETS. Standardized exams are practically unavoidable in the world of education, but they don’t have to be painful to take, and preparation does not need to be expensive.  Let us introduce you to the test prep resources available through the libraries.  Resources covered: Mometrix; Learning Express