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How to Find a Journal Article

This Research Guide is designed to help you find a journal article by using the MATC Library databases.

Double Check Your Citations!

  • Citations provided by the databases are usually accurate, but not always, so double check to make sure.
  • For example, the title may be in all caps, which isn't the proper format, so you would want to tweak it once you've pasted it into your paper.
  • See the following guide for more information on citing your sources.

Citation Tools

Most databases have citation tools that provide the MLA or APA Citations for an article that can be copied and pasted onto the Works Cited page.  

Gale Databases: Academic Onefile, Opposing Viewpoints

Click on the link for "Citation Tools" on the right side of the screen. 

Then select either the MLA or APA format tab. Highlight the citation to select it, and copy it by either right-clicking the mouse and copy, or using the keyboard command Control (Ctrl) + C.











Ebsco Databases: Academic Search Complete, CINHAL Plus, ERIC

Once you find an article and click on it, look for the "Tools" bar on the right side of the page and click on "Cite."      

The Ebsco databases provide a number of different citation styles. Use the scroll bar on the side to scroll down to the appropriate style. Then select the citation and copy.



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