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Creating a Marketing Plan

Need to write a marketing plan? This guide will offer tips and link you to resources such as books, articles and website to get you started.

Finding Information About Consumers Using Library Resources

Target Market/Demographics

  • Demographics - "The study of total size, sex, territorial distribution, age, composition, and other characteristics of human populations; the analysis of changes in the make-up of a population."
  • Target market - "The particular segment of a total population on which the retailer focuses its merchandising expertise to satisfy that submarket in order to accomplish its profit objectives."
  • Target market identification - "The process of using income, demographic, and life style characteristics of a market and census information for small areas to identify the most favorable locations." 

Definition by the American Marketing Association - Resource Library Dictionary:

Consumer and Target Market Information

Library Resources for Finding Consumer and Target Market Information

**All-Star Resource:

Other Library Resources

Business Source Complete logo   

You can use Business Source Complete to access the full-text of American Demographics, which is a magazine that provides demographic information. The best way to find what you're looking for is to search within the publications. Here's how:

  • Click on 'Advanced Search' link underneath the search box.
  • In the first search box, use the pull-down menu to select 'Publication Name' and type American Demographics or Consumer Behavior.
  • In the second search box, use the pull-down menu to select 'All Text' and type in a search term that describes your product or service (e.g., home improvement, fishing).

 LexisNexis logo

  • From LexisNexis' front page, click on the 'Sources' category on the left tool-bar and then 'Find Sources'.
  • On the next screen, type 'American Marketplace' into the Keyword Search Box and then click the 'Find Sources' button
  • Select 'The American Marketplace' by checking the box. This adds the source to the 'Selected Sources' along the right of the page. Click the red 'OK - continue' button
  • From the 'Source' pull-down menu, select American Marketplace.
  • Enter search terms in the search box such as a specific data item (teenagers, generation X, etc. OR a product or service name such as bicycles, weddings, etc.)
  • Specify a date to narrow your search.

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