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VMware Virtual Desktop

Guide to using the MATC VDI.

What it is

MATC offers its students FREE remote (off-campus) access, to MATC software applications such as MS Office, MS Access, and Adobe Creative Suite, through the VMware View virtual desktop system. This program connects you to a networked MATC virtual computer. Basically, you are logging into an MATC computer, from your own computer, so it looks and acts almost like a computer here on campus. When you log into the virtual desktop, you can connect to different "pools" of virtual machines.

screenshot of vdi pools

Instructions for Installing or Logging in

You may connect to VMware by either:

  • Installing the VMware client on your computer (left image)
  • Or using the HTML client by accessing it through the Internet using this link (right image)
    Please note that the html client has some limitations such as no local drive access, no printer access, no thumb drive / CD access, and the use of only one desktop. (You can't switch desktops like you can when you use the first option and install the VMware client.)

Screenshot of the 2 VMware clients

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