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Research: Getting Started

Choosing a Topic - Watch the Video

Choosing a Topic - Tips

  • Choose a topic you're interested in, and that you want to learn more about. You'll be spending a fair amount of time researching, so picking something you want to learn about will make the process less painful.
  • Is there a topic related to your career that interests you?
  • Sometimes browsing the textbook from one of your classes can give you ideas on topics to write about.
  • Your instructor may provide you with a list of topics to choose from. Be sure you select a topic that fits within the requirements of the assignment.
  • Picking a topic that you already strongly support or oppose isn't necessarily a good idea. If you have a bias toward one side of the issue, you might overlook strong evidence that supports the other side.  It doesn't matter what "side" you are on -- only that you have strong evidence to support the claims you make.
  • Make sure your topic isn't too broad.


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