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This guide will assist you with finding information and resources on authors, literary works and literary criticism.

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Search by author or title, to find criticism articles in one of our literary databases.

Tutorial: Using Literary Reference Center

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Searching for Criticism Books

An easy way to start your search is to go to the One Search box on the library's website, and enter the author's name, or the title of the work, followed by "and criticism." Results will include books, articles, and videos. 


Morrison AND Criticism
Beloved AND Criticism

Hint: You can tell a book is a criticism of another work by 1) the author's name, or 2) there will be a "z"  right after the numbers in the middle of the call number.

So for example, the call number for the book, "The Great Gatsby" by F. Scott Fitzgerald is 813 F553g 2004,

but the call number for a criticism of this book, also called "The Great Gatsby" by Roger Lathbury is 813 F553zg8

Also, if you click on the title of the book, and scroll down to the subject headings, you will see the term "criticism" in the subject headings.

screenshot of subject headings for criticism



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