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Faculty Guide to Library Resources & Services: Embedded Librarian Program

This Guide provides information and resources that will help our faculty and our library work together and support student success.

Embedded Librarian Program

What is an embedded librarian?

An embedded librarian establishes a close working relationship with a faculty member and students in a particular course and offers targeted research instruction, assistance, and resources. This program looks to create an integrated and sustained collaboration with teaching faculty instead of a parallel interaction through traditional library instruction. 

Who can use an embedded librarian?

Any class that uses Blackboard, whether online or on-campus, can have an embedded librarian; however, courses with papers or projects requiring meaningful research are the most ideal candidates for the program.

What can an embedded librarian do for my class?

We can work with you a little or a lot, whatever way best meets your needs, but here are some possibilities. The librarian can:

  • Serve as a direct point of contact for students with research and documentation questions
  • Provide specially designed content for the course, including suggested resources, tutorials, search strategies and course guides
  • Participate in research-related discussion threads on Blackboard
  • Visit classes and offer information literacy instruction tailored to what students need to accomplish for a particular assignment

What will the embedded librarian need from the instructor?

If you use Blackboard, your embedded librarian will need access to your course in Blackboard in order to post course-related content and communicate with students. To request access to your course in Blackboard, fill out the Enroll Supplementary User form at  Be sure to select the Teaching Assistant option under the Level of Access section.  The most important thing needed from instructors is promotion of the library and its resources. Announcing that a librarian will be a part of the class and be available for questions is a great first step. If you see students struggling with research, remind them that a librarian is available to help. The more importance that is placed on library resources, the more students are likely to use them!

Are you interested?

For more information about the embedded librarian program, contact Catherine Adedokun at (414) 297-7729 or email