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ESL / Adult Literacy: Welcome

This guide will help you improve your English language skills and reading skills.


The goals of the English as a Second Language Program at MATC are to prepare students for postsecondary courses and programs, and to help students learn English so they may function more effectively at work, at home, and in the community. This guide will provide additional resources for learning and improving English and Reading skills.

Test Prep Guides

Here is a link to guides to help you prepare for tests such as the Acuplacer, GED, and TOEFL, etc.

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Useful Websites - ESL/ELL

Browse the ALIT Books

image of a stack of books•  Click on the stack of books to browse all the ALIT books at every campus.

•  Click on the title of the book to see more information about that book.

•  Don't forget that you can request a book from one campus, and have it delivered to another campus. Ask a Librarian if you need help with this.

Discover your reading level

Each campus library has an ALIT section. The books are organized by reading level, and there is a sticker on the side of each book with the reading level, starting with 1 (red colored sticker), up to level 6 (rose or pink colored sticker). Ask a librarian if you need help finding this area. 

Use this chart to figure out your reading level.

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