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HeinOnline is the world's largest fully searchable, image-based government document and legal research database. It contains comprehensive coverage from inception of both U.S. statutory materials, U.S. Congressional Documents and the US Congressional Serial Set and more than 2,600 scholarly journals, all of the world's constitutions, all U.S. treaties, collections of classic treatises and presidential documents, and access to the full text of state and federal case law powered by Fastcase. This HeinOnline Academic database package includes, among other things, special collections on Criminal Justice, History, Foreign Relations, Religion and the Law and Women and the Law.

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Off Campus Access

When you are off-campus, you will see the following screens: 

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First scroll down, until you see Off-Campus/Remote Access, and start entering Milwaukee Area Technical College in the box below it. 

HeinOnline Login screenshot

Once you start typing, you should see the Milwaukee Area Technical College link pop up below the box, click on it.

HeinOnline login screenshot

Then enter your school email address and password.

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