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Tutoring Services and Academic Support Center staff offer several workshops that can be presented to classes, student groups and individuals during the semester.

What you need to know

Students, we present the workshops for clubs, organizations, study groups and individuals at the Downtown Milwaukee Campus or virtually.

Instructors, our staff members are happy to bring our workshops to you — in your classroom, either in person or online!

When you submit a request, the appropriate staff member will be notified and will contact you within three business days to confirm a date for the workshop. You must submit your request at least a week in advance.

Please be aware that our availability may not exactly match your class schedule; we will always contact you directly to confirm final arrangements. (In other words, the workshop will not take place until we make contact.)

In addition, an instructor must be present in the classroom during the workshop.

Note: We offer this service during semesters, not during breaks.


Academic Skills presenter
Xee L.    
    Xee L. Maimuna F.     
Writing Skills presenters
Amy W.    
    Amy W. Patricia G.H.    

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