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NetTutor is an Online Tutoring service providing 24/7 tutoring support in most courses for MATC students.

Welcome to NetTutor!

Below are the steps on how to access NetTutor, interact with a live tutor, submit a question, and submit a paper. We have provided a PDF for you to download at your convenience. The video below explains briefly how to access and use NetTutor.

In the next column are Frequently Asked Questions for Students. This document answers many questions students may have about NetTutor. If you have any further questions, please contact us at

If you have any technical issues, please contact NetTutor through the online button located on the screen where you select your tutoring option or call NetTutor at 1-813-674-0660, ext. 204.

NetTutor is available for most courses at MATC. To inquire about other courses, contact us at

To participate in live online tutoring, check the NetTutor schedules.

From Blackboard, in the Course Menu: 

1. Click on the NetTutor button your instructor added.

2. Click on the NetTutor link.

3. Click Launch

4. Click Accept and Continue to Whiteboard.

5. Select the course category that is the closest match to the class in which you need help.





From myMATC Portal:

1. Log into myMATC.

2. Navigate to the Students tab, if not already there.

3. In the upper-left menu (see image below), click on the NetTutor link.

4. On the New page, select the course in which you require assistance.

5. Select the type of tutoring assistance you would like.

To Work One-on-One with a Tutor (see video below)

1. Choose either "Ask NetTutor" or, if you do not have time for a full live session, "NetTutor Q&A Center."

2. Ask NetTutor: Wait for the audio letting you know where you are in the queue.

3. A bell will ring letting you know your tutor is ready to start the session

4. Click inside the whiteboard. A box will appear where you will type your questions.

How to ask a Question through NetTutor Q&A Center (see video below)

1. No time for a live session? Click NetTutor Q&A Center.

2. Click "Ask Tutor a New Question" button.

3. On the World Wide Whiteboard, use the text tool in the tool bar to ask questions giving as much detail as possible.

4. Submit your question. You will receive an answer within 24 hours via email.

5. Return to NetTutor and Click on the Q&A Center. Click "Retrieve Answer" to view the tutor's response.

How to Submit a Paper for Review (see video below)

1. Save your paper as a PDF. 

2. Click on Paper Center. You will be taken to the Manage Paper Center Page.

3. Click "Upload" to submit a paper to NetTutor.

4. Fill out the required information and answer all questions; upload your paper.

5. Allow 48 hours for your paper to be reviewed. You will receive an email notification once the tutor has finished reviewing your paper.

6. Return to the paper center to view your reviewed paper. You may save and print the paper to make any necessary change to your original paper.

For more details, download and view the "How to Submit a Paper to NetTutor" below.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Face-to-face tutoring

Tutoring Services at MATC still offers in-person tutoring.

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