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Tutoring Services: Online Tutoring: Welcome to NetTutor

NetTutor is an Online Tutoring service providing 24/7 tutoring support in most courses for MATC students.

What is NetTutor?

Need help with your homework late at night or on the weekend? Tutoring Services offers online tutoring to MATC college students through NetTutor. Each MATC student may use 32 free hours of NetTutor per semester.

NetTutor is comprised of a team of teachers and tutors who want to help students succeed. All NetTutor tutors have at least a bachelor’s degree, and most have a master’s or doctoral degree. All tutors through NetTutor work together in a collaborative environment. They are all trained on site in the United States and have expertise in learning theory and supporting adult learners.

NetTutor features a unique “whenever-the-need-arises” policy that allows students to get help 24/7/365. Tutors guide students through problems and concepts but never give the answers. Whether using a desktop, tablet or other mobile device, students can develop their critical-thinking skills and succeed.

Introducing NetTutor