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Tutoring Services: FAQ: Supplemental Instruction


opening quotes (Tutor Shadan) was brought into our class by the professor. She took notes during the class, which made going over the homework questions for each unit very easy.
I also liked how she met with us right after class. She was approachable, nice and knowledgeable. closing quotes
Brooke, student

Frequently Asked Questions: Supplemental Instruction

What is Supplemental Instruction (or Group Tutoring)?

Supplemental Instruction (or SI) is a nationwide peer‐tutoring program that serves classes in which a large percentage of students will experience academic difficulty. SI provides regularly scheduled, out‐of‐class, peer-facilitated study sessions. Students attend on a voluntary basis.

Who leads SI sessions?

Each session is led by a successful student or graduate who has already taken the course and understands the course content. Usually instructors play a role in selecting and recommending highly motivated former students as leaders (or tutors). In short, the leader is a student with good study skills, and a well-run SI session functions like an organic student study group.

What happens during an SI session?

Sessions provide an opportunity for students to work together. The leader encourages students to discuss important concepts, develop strategies for studying and prepare for tests together. The primary function of the leader is to integrate how to learn with what to learn and to encourage discussion.

How do I get an SI leader (tutor)?

Fill out our Request for a Course Tutor form, visit Tutoring Services in C286 at the Downtown Milwaukee Campus or call 414-297-6791 to request a tutor. You may also reach out to one of our Tutoring Services staff members to request a tutor for your course. We may need you to recommend a student (or recent grad) as a potential tutor.

What are my responsibilities as the instructor?

SI leaders are there to help make your job easier, not harder. Up front, we may need you to recommend a student as a potential tutor. The student should have passed the course or an equivalent course with a B or better. (Please note that your recommendation is NOT a guarantee of employment for the student, as we consider several factors when hiring. It is helpful to have a second choice in mind.) You can recommend former students, as well, even if they are no longer enrolled.

You can help support your leader by granting him or her time to make occasional in‐class announcements about the tutoring sessions — and by encouraging students to take advantage of the free service.

Does the leader (tutor) receive training?

The SI leader receives up to 16 hours of training prior to their first assignment at MATC. In‐service training continues throughout the semester.

What supervision does the leader (tutor) have?

The SI program is supervised by trained tutoring professionals and the District Manager of Tutoring Services and Academic Support. With the instructor's permission, Educational Assistants may attend SI sessions during the semester and give helpful feedback to the leaders.