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Printing Guide: Printing Guide

This guide is designed to explain printing procedures at the MATC Libraries.

Your Stormer Pass

In order to print, you must have your Stormer Pass. The Stormer Pass serves as your Student ID, library card, as well as your printing card. All Stormer Passes are preloaded with $10 of printing credits at the beginning of the semester. Make sure that you obtain a Stormer Pass through the Office of Student Life, and that you have the Stormer Pass with you in the LibraryMore information can be found on the Stormer Pass website.

How To Print

  • Click on "File", then "Print" on the top left corner of the page you would like to print.
  • You should see a print preview. Double check to make sure the preview of all the pages looks correct. Use the scroll arrows to see additional pages.
  • Then make sure all the other print options are correct, including the  "Print One Sided" or "Print on Both Sides" option, then click on the "Print" button.

Before you can release your print job, you need to give the print job a name and password. Since this is a temporary password, we recommend a short, simple one.

Swipe your Stormer Pass, just like a credit card, in the Pharos Card Reader.

Select your print job on the touch screen and hit print.

Enter the password that you just created and press either enter or next.

Make sure that you Exit to log out of the pharos system!

Printing Cost

Printing costs:

5¢ for a single sided print/copy.

7¢ for a double sided print/copy.

50¢ for a color print/copy.(Milwaukee Campus)

Add Money To Your Stormer Pass

Two ways to add Campus Cash to your Stormer Pass.

  • Use the Account Management Centers (AMC's) located throughout each campus
  • or use E-Accounts option (online card office). Your funds will be deposited in US currency to your Campus Cash account when you submit your transaction as long as it is completed prior to 9:00 p.m.