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Sabbatical Guidelines


MATC Sabbatical Leave Procedure CC1009

Goal/Purpose of Sabbatical 

The purpose of the sabbatical is to provide an opportunity for employees to extend their professional activities, growth, and development in support of MATC's mission, vision, and values, as well as its strategic goals. The sabbatical program is intended to strengthen the faculty, staff, and administration of the College by providing time for scholarship, professional development, or other relevant work. Each leave has a direct benefit for MATC. An individual may be granted sabbatical leave under the following criteria: 

1. Meet specific needs of the District (applicants are expected to connect their projects to MATC's Values and/or Strategic Priorities)

2. Benefit to students 

3. Improve instruction 

4. Improve job performance by working in a job related to work assignment 

5. Improve job performance through education by obtaining a higher degree (if the sabbatical leave is for the purpose of attending school, employees must take at least the normal credit load for their program or an approved program as recognized by the VP of Learning). 

6. Engage in discipline-related research, study and/or writing that benefits MATC  community, school, program and/or department.  

A sabbatical leave may be awarded for one semester or one full year (two semesters). For faculty, one year means an academic year (two semesters) for staff one year means a calendar year. 

Preference shall be given to requests for one (1) full year’s sabbatical. 

The maximum number of sabbaticals to be awarded to full-time employees is limited to the  following:  

  • Four (4) faculty  
  • Two (2) educational support/para-professional 
  • Two (2) administrative employee (any sabbatical leave granted to a non-teaching employee will not be counted toward the 4 allocated for faculty).  

Eligibility, Compensation and Benefit


The employee must have worked as a full-time employee at MATC for six (6) out of the previous eight (8) years including the year preceding sabbatical leave. Years worked prior to a sabbatical may not be counted toward the required number of years for a subsequent sabbatical. 


Sabbatical leave with pay shall not be granted for less than one (1) semester or more than two (2) semesters. a) Such leave shall be subject to the following financial arrangements:

  • The employee shall be paid at the rate of 60% of their salary for each semester of their sabbatical leave.
    • If sabbatical is a paid position (including work-study), the employee must disclose to the district any earnings that are received outside of MATC.
    • Total compensation cannot exceed 100% of regular pay.
  • Salaries shall be paid on the same schedule as that of the regular employees.


An employee on paid sabbatical leave shall continue to receive fringe benefits, excluding sick, vacation and flexible holiday leave, with continuing employment longevity during the period he/she is on leave. An employee on unpaid leave shall have the option to make his/her own and the college’s regular contribution to all benefits requiring such contributions.


The employee must give one and one-half (1 and 1/2) semesters’ notice in writing to his/her immediate supervisor, stating the nature of the program of professional improvement that he/she contemplates pursuing. The application must be approved by the immediate supervisor prior to submitting it to Compensation - Human Resources.  

Applications for faculty and non-faculty sabbatical leave for the 2022-23 academic year will be accepted through Friday, December 3. 

Please contact with questions.

Approval of Sabbatical leave

Approval of Sabbatical Leave 

Compensation - Human Resources will receive all applications and convene a Sabbatical Review Committee consisting of Faculty, Staff, and Administration.  They will review anonymous applications, evaluate the applications based on the Sabbatical Evaluation Guidelines, and forward Recommendations to the VP of Human Resources for approval.

Sabbatical leave shall be granted when recommended by the MATC VP of Human Resources, the President and are approved by the Board.  Approvals shall go in front of the board in February of each year. 

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